Former Secretary of State visits Kensa’s renewable heating project

Former Secretary of State for The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and current MP for Camborne, Hayle, and Redruth recently visited Kensa’s pioneering ground source heat pump project in Stithians.

Our landmark ground source heat pump project, that has been part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, will see homes within the off-gas village of Stithians, Cornwall, have their existing fossil fuel heating systems replaced with highly efficient, low carbon ground source Heat pumps.

George Eustice, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Camborne, Redruth, and Hayle was given the opportunity to learn how Heat the Streets is demonstrating Kensa’s vision for the decarbonisation of home heating and the mass rollout of heat pumps which are required to meet the Government’s net-zero goal by 2050.

Following the visit, George Eustice, local MP for Camborne and Redruth commented,

“It was great to recently visit the Kensa Utilities’ demonstration of ground sourced heat pumps in Stithians. One of the lessons from the current situation with Russia and Ukraine is that we must ensure that we increase our energy independence in a sustainable way.

The Stithians demonstration is a blueprint for how ground-sourced heat technology can be rolled out UK-wide and a great example of how we can harness our readily available natural resources to reach net-zero by 2050 and ensure we reduce our reliance on natural gas imports. I look forward to continue supporting Kensa and their work as Cornwall continues its proud heritage of leading the way in developing new cutting-edge technology.”

Through the street-by-street roll-out of the infrastructure, which residents pay to connect their heat pump to, Kensa’s split ownership model offers a viable renewable alternative to the mains gas network. Each home will have its own ground source heat pump, offering residents full control over their heating, independent billing, and the flexibility to switch energy suppliers, much like a traditional gas boiler.

With the current energy and cost of living crisis having an impact felt within the village, George was also able to discuss with residents the positive effect that this new equipment will have on their lives.

Kensa Utilities’ Managing Director Wouter Thijssen said:

“What we’re demonstrating here in Stithians can be a blueprint for millions of homes all across the UK. The barriers to ground-source have always been upfront cost and disruption. These barriers are lifted thanks to Kensa Utilities’ funding and the deployment of ground infrastructure on a street-by-street basis. This will make heat pumps accessible to millions of households.”