Heat the streets

Bringing Ground Source Heating to Cornwall

Kensa Utilities has been awarded a grant for £6.2 million by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to part-fund Heat the Streets, an £8.7 million renewable heating project running until March 2023. Offering efficient and sustainable ground source heating for 100’s of new and existing homes in Cornwall, Heat the Streets will reduce greenhouse gases associated with space heating and hot water in these homes by 70%.

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Kensa’s offer of a zero-cost infrastructure to developers means that a ground source heat pump is now cheaper than an air source heat pump and, in many cases, cheaper than a gas boiler system

Stithians' Residents

Kensa Utilities is looking for private households in Stithians, of any tenure, who want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to switch to a new renewable heating system.

Social Housing Provider

The retrofit of ground source heat pumps in social housing plays a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and fuel poverty. Shared Ground Loop Arrays provide a sustainable investment for all stakeholders

What makes Heat the Streets so Different?

Decarbonisation of heat is seen as one of the greatest challenges in the UK’s net-zero ambition. Over recent years hundreds of renewable energy projects have been delivered across the UK but none of them have attempted to tackle whole streets, regardless of ownership.

Great low-carbon projects are often demonstrated on social housing, the result being rows of renovated properties broken up by private households that weren’t able to take part.

What is the main goal of Heat the Streets?

Kensa wants clean, efficient, renewable heating to be accessible to everyone. That is why this ambitious project is the first to offer high value, low-carbon technology to households of any tenure, street-by-street.

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