Benefits of ground source heating

Higher Efficiency

Ground source heat pumps are powered electrically, but because they can capture such a high proportion of “free” energy from the ground, they produce up to 3 times more energy than they consume, making them highly efficient compared with other forms of heating.

Ground source heat pumps produce 3 kWh of energy for every 1kWh of electrical energy they consume, making them 300% efficient. Compare this to a typical boiler, which is just 90% efficient.

Lower emissions

Because a ground source heat pump extracts so much “free” energy from the environment, this enables CO2 emissions to be lower than any other type of heating system.

Minimal maintenance

Ground source heat pumps do not require annual servicing or maintenance. If required though, a quick health check with Kensa over the phone can often diagnose and remedy any potential issues.


Energy independence

Become energy independent. No more worries about fuel deliveries, fuel theft, or unsightly oil tanks in the garden. Just good clean energy from the ground.

  • Ground source heat pumps in typical retrofit applications are around 300% efficient.
  • One kWh of electricity (to run the heat pump) provides 3kWh of heat.
  • Electricity tariffs are becoming more sophisticated.
  • Reflect large price variations across a day.
  • Running costs can be minimised if the heat pump operates when electricity prices are lower and does
    not operate when prices are higher.
  • There is a close correlation between low-cost electricity and low carbon electricity.
  • Ground source heat pumps deliver the best outcome for the environment (carbon emissions) and householders (running
    costs) but have been the most expensive renewable option.