Heat the Streets, Wins UK Green Business Awards

Image courtesy - BusinessGreen

Kensa Utilities, is thrilled to announce that its groundbreaking project, Heat the Streets, has been successful in the category: Green Heat Project of the Year, at the highly esteemed UK Green Business Awards, organised by BusinessGreen. This recognition highlights Kensa Utilities’ commitment to revolutionising the heating industry and its dedication to deployment of sustainable, efficient energy solutions.

The UK Green Business Awards celebrates excellence within the green business sector. The “Green Heat Project of the Year ” category acknowledges some of the most innovative green heat projects in the UK. Kensa Utilities’ ‘Heat the Streets’ project surpassed all expectations and emerged as the clear winner, impressing the judges by bringing affordable low-carbon heating to urban areas with a street-by-street approach.

Heat the Streets was an ambitious project that aimed to decarbonise residential heating across all housing sectors by deploying Kensa’s highly efficient and renewable ground source heat pump technology connected by an in-road network of boreholes (known as a shared ground loop array). The project has successfully demonstrated the scalability and viability of ground source heat pumps connected to in-road infrastructure as a cost-effective solution for reducing carbon emissions and providing reliable, sustainable heat.

Lisa Treseder, Director of Business Development at Kensa Utilities, expressed her pride in receiving the award, stating, “We are honoured and thrilled for Heat the Streets to be recognised at the UK Green Business Awards. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team who have been instrumental in making this project a resounding success.”

Treseder continued, “Heat the Streets represents a significant step towards achieving our goal of decarbonising heating at scale. Combining our new business model where Kensa Utilities fund, own and maintain the infrastructure with Kensa’s well-established ground source heat pump technology, we can confidently advance towards the reduction of carbon emissions and the implementation of more efficient heating solutions.”

Kensa Utilities’ Heat the Streets project has also showcased the importance of collaboration between industry experts, local authorities, and community stakeholders. Through strategic partnerships and proactive community engagement, Kensa Utilities has successfully delivered the first iteration of a 21st century version of the gas grid, providing homes in Cornwall with low cost, low-carbon, energy-efficient heating systems whilst improving the quality of life for residents.

As Kensa Utilities continues to expand its influence and shape the future of sustainable heating, this prestigious award reinforces the company’s reputation as a pioneer in the industry. The recognition received at the UK Green Business Awards serves as an encouragement for Kensa Utilities to pursue further innovations and drive the adoption of networked heat pumps on a broader scale.

Cornwall’s first heat pump village one step closer.

The residents of the Cornish village of Stithians were recently given the opportunity to learn more about Kensa Utilities’ ambitious vision for their community. The Cornish company hosted a series of community events to discus how Heat the Streets will transform heat supply in the village and the technology behind the project.

The attendees were given the chance to meet members of the Kensa Utilities team and discover how ground source heat pumps work. It was the first chance for many of those that have already registered to participate in the project to ask and questions and to clarify how the project will affect them and their property.

Joining the Kensa Team were representatives of both Stithians Parish Council and the Stithians Energy Group, the latter was formed with the objective to encourage and help individuals, families, and the community to reduce their carbon footprint.

Heat the Streets will show how and why street-by-street installations are the most efficient and effective way to install ground source heat pump technology at the community level needed to fight climate change and achieve the UK’s net-zero target by 2050.

Kensa’s heat network will consist of ground source heat pumps connected to shared ground loop arrays, a communal pipework system that extracts renewable heat from boreholes. The boreholes will remain virtually undetectable once installed, providing a reliable heating source all year round.

Shared ground loop arrays provide a viable renewable alternative to mains gas networks that are safe and require only minimal maintenance. Each home will receive its own ground source heat pump, giving residents complete control over their heating, independent billing, and the flexibility to switch energy suppliers.

Residents will no longer rely on carbon intensive oil or LPG fossil fuels since the ground source heat pumps will be providing 100% of their heating and hot water. By utilizing naturally replenished and freely available heat energy stored just beneath the surface of the ground, heat pumps can achieve higher heating efficiencies than every other heating system.

Using ground source heat pumps reduces each home’s carbon footprint by around 70% as they are electrically powered, non-combustion devices that produce no local emissions.

For Stithians residents that have not registered with the project they can do so here , it is also possible to book an appointment with our resident liaison officer if you wish to discuss the project further.

Community Event, Postponed.

A Message from Kensa Utilities – Heat the Streets:

Throughout the pandemic the Kensa Group has taken a cautious approach to risk to both employees and the general public.

Following discussions amongst the group we have taken the difficult decision to postpone this weekend’s planned event.

The main concerns amongst the team were:

  • The inability to allow for social distancing in the community centre given the numbers signed up to the event
  • Unknown consequences/severity of the new Omicron variant

We want to stress that the postponing this event does not affect delivery of the project in any way and we will begin works in spring 2022.

The event will now be held in the new year when we hope there will be a greater understanding of this new variant and clearer government guidance.

We have booked in three sessions with reduced capacity to allow for social distancing.

If you wish to book on to this event you can do so via the following links:

  • 25 Jan 1000 – 1200 Bookings closed
  • 25 Jan 1300 – 1500 Bookings closed
  • 29 Jan 1000 – 1200 Bookings closed

We are also exploring the feasibility of an online event hosted through Zoom and will update you if we proceed with this.

In the meantime, if you would like to ask any questions, you can get in touch with the team by emailing info@kensautilies.com

We apologise for any disappointment this decision causes but hope that you will be understanding of our reluctance to put the health of the community at risk especially with Christmas fast approaching.