Zero-Cost infrastructure for Developers

Kensa’s offer of a zero-cost infrastructure to developers means that a ground source heat pump is now cheaper than an air source heat pump and, in many cases, cheaper than a gas boiler system, allowing house builders to specify a more appealing heating system whilst reducing build costs and easing carbon compliance.

Kensa Utilities is the UK’s first ground array infrastructure management company. Set up to fund, own and maintain shared ground arrays, Kensa Utilities has successfully secured £6.2 million ERDF funding and £2.7 million private match that will be spent on Cornish homes to demonstrate the most effective and cheapest total-system-cost approach to decarbonisation of heat.

Installed in new build homes for the same price as an air source heating system. Heat the Streets households will benefit from lower running costs, lower maintenance costs and lower carbon than if they had received air source or storage heaters. For new build customers, the annual connection fee is just £150 a year which compares well to the gas standing charge. This low cost ensures that there is no additional barrier to acceptance of the technology and all customers will benefit from reduced operational costs of the whole system.

Basic Requirements of funding

We are seeking confirmation from developers that their project meets the basic requirements of the funding offer, these are:

  • The qualifying homes will be completed by end of 2022.
  • The homes must be in Cornwall.
  • Kensa Utilities will own, operate and maintain the shared ground loop.
  • Kensa Utilities will levy an annual standing charge to the homeowners connected to the shared ground loop.

This substantial offer is financially limited to the ERDF funding available which will cover up to 250 new build properties therefore will be awarded to consenting partners on a first come first served basis – subject to contract.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us as soon as possible in order to arrange a meeting where we can go through the offer in more detail and work on the next steps required.