Heat the Streets – Stithians

Sustainable heating for Stithians

Heat the Streets is an ERDF funded project that will support the development of a sustainable ground source heating network in Stithians, Cornwall.

Which parts of Stithians will be included?

Our team has now compiled a list of locations for the pilot project’s phase 1 installations in the village. You can discover which areas of the village have been selected for the project here. If you live in once of the selected areas and have not signed up yet please register here.

Investing in Stithians’ Future

Kensa Utilities is looking for private households in Stithians, of any tenure, who want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to switch to a new sustainable heating system worth over £20K per household, complete with ground source heat pump, radiators, hot water cylinder and smart thermostat. Installations will continue through 2022.

Participation will be subject to property survey and eligibility criteria, details of which are available here. Residents wishing to be considered for this project are asked to complete this form to be entered onto the waiting list.

The intention is to connect private households with no upfront cost.

Not just for homeowners.

The Heat the Streets project is open to all who live in Stithians. If you are currently renting, we would recommend that you contact your landlord and encourage them to register the property.

If the property is chosen for the project both the landlord and the existing tenants will be able to experience the benefits of ground source heating.

For rented homes, our team will consult with both the landlord and the occupier throughout the process. We will ensure that both parties are given comprehensive training on how to use the new system. We will provide a schedule of work as soon as possible, to minimise disruption to daily life.

By working closely with experienced fitters, there is no need for the occupants to move out during the installation. On completion of the installation both the landlord and the tenants can rest assured that any ground that has been disturbed during the process will be restored to previous standards.

Benefits of the project

The landlords will benefit from:

  • New heating system installed on their property.
  • Lower C02 emissions.
  • More attractive rental agreements in the future.
  • Lower maintenance costs/requirements compared to other heating systems.

Renters of a property will benefit from:

  • Energy independence.
  • New heating system.

You can find further details regarding what project beneficiaries will receive and more about the project on our website.

Learn more about Heat the Streets

The following video offers an overview of the Heat the Streets project.