Ground Source Heat Pumps and Smart Controls

How ground source heat pumps and smart technology could lower your fuel bills.

The heating within the properties will combine ground source heating and smart control technology. The smart controls will be linked to a cloud-based heat optimisation platform, that combines property information with time of use tariffs to produce an optimised heating schedule.

These integrated heating systems will provide a renewable heating solution capable of delivering domestic heating at a lower running cost than a traditional gas boiler, with no local emissions and the lowest carbon intensity of any heating system. Working within defined comfort parameters, the heat optimisation platform will use the fabric of the property to store heat energy ahead of peak energy times. It will do this by raising the temperature of the building when electricity is cheap, allowing the ground source heat pump to turn off when electricity is most expensive.


How will heat pumps, smart controls and time of use tariffs work together?

The Heat the Streets project will feature heat pumps in individual properties, connected to shared ground loop arrays and integrated with smart controls capable of operating with time of use tariffs (load shifting).

  • A new set of dynamic energy prices are released each day.
  • The smart control uses machine learning to create a model for heating the property based on occupant’s preference and building fabric.
  • This ground-breaking heat optimisation programme combines the energy prices and heat model to create a heating schedule that balances comfort and cost.
  • The heating schedule is sent to the smart control.