Renewable sustainable heating for all.

Kensa Utilities has been awarded a grant for £6.2 million by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to part-fund ‘Heat the Streets’, an £8.7 million Cornish renewable heating project offering efficient and sustainable ground source heating for little or no upfront cost.

Heat the Streets will demonstrate how and why street-by-street installations are the most efficient and effective solution for the roll-out of ground source heat pump technology at the community level needed to tackle the climate crisis and help the UK reach its net-zero target by 2050.

Shared Ground Loop Arrays

Over its two-year duration, the project aims to install the technology in new and existing homes across Cornwall and will connect the ground source heating systems to Shared Ground Loop Arrays, a communal network of underground pipework that will extract renewable heat via boreholes. Once installed, the boreholes will be visually unobtrusive, providing a reliable heat source all year-round.

This innovative shared ground loop array infrastructure is safe and requires little maintenance, providing a viable renewable alternative to the mains gas network. Each home will receive its own ground source heat pump, offering residents full control over their heating, independent billing, and the flexibility to switch energy suppliers, much like a traditional boiler.

The ground source heat pumps will provide 100% of the properties’ heating and hot water, meaning that residents will no longer use carbon intensive oil or LPG fossil fuels. Using freely available and naturally replenished heat energy stored just below the surface of the ground, the heat pumps can achieve higher efficiencies than any other heating system.

As the units are electrically powered, non-combustion devices that emit no local emissions or air pollution, the ground source heat pumps will reduce the carbon output associated with heating each home by around 70%.